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Aaichcha Nyahari Niwas

Aaichcha Nyahari Niwas

Mr. Bhagvan Ludbe
+91 9422 374 059 | +91 9730 198 247

Mr. Vikram Ludbe
+91 9421 145 731 | +91 9503 005 810

Add: Wairy Bhutnath, Tarkarli Road, Tal. Malvan, Dist. Sindhudurg

As Tarkarli tourism is flourishing well, We, Ludbe family decided to make available home stay facility in our home. We renovated our home by thinking the  guest’s basic requirements. We knew that most of the tourists were looking for home stay in tarkarli, as they come with their families. We are located in Wairy on Malvan-Tarkarli road. Beach is just on walk-able distance. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for our guests only.


Room Amenities 

  • Television with cabel
  • Wifi Facilities available
  • Attached Western style Toilet and bath
  • Hot water provision inside room.
  • power back up
  • Huge space for parking
  • Restaurant with Malvani Cuisine
  • Arrange SCUBA diving in Tarkarli, Water sports in Malvan, Boating, Tarkarli Para-sailing and Dolphin Safari.

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